Wednesday, August 13, 2008


VIAREGGIO -- VILLA BORBONE -- 26 luglio-24 agosto 2008

The Migratory Books Project is currently part of the exhibition THE UTOPIAN LIBRARY/LA BIBLIOTECA UTOPICA, in Viareggio, Italy, through the 24 of August 2008. Read below for statements and information by Vittore Baroni, the coordinator of this project.

Dear friends,

in a few days the festival LUOGHI DELL'UTOPIA ("Places of Utopia") will start here in Viareggio with two rooms of the historical Villa Borbone devoted to the collective project The Utopian Library. I received artist's books from over 100 international artists, and 50 more books were selected from my E.O.N. archive. I want to thank you all for generously taking part in this project, and for the variety and relevance to the "Utopian" theme of the books that will be freely handled by the audience. If you happen to pass through Viareggio, on the West Coast of Italy, the exhibition that includes works and installations from 45 artists opens on Saturday July 26th at 7.30 PM with a series of short performances. Villa Borbone is at the middle of Viale dei Tigli, a street connecting Viareggio to Torre del Lago, and the show will be open till August 24th (hr. 6,00-11,00 PM, closed on Monday and Tuesday).

Best regards,

Vittore Baroni - Associazione Culturale BAU

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