Sunday, February 19, 2017

Equilibrium - new artist book

While working on all my Autonomous Drying experiments this past fall, I was also working on a new artist book, which was just released this past month at the Codex Book Fair. It was funny how many artists commented at that event that Codex has become a deadline for new books.

This book is a bit more personal that anything I've worked on in a while. Titled Equilibrium, it's a tunnel book made up of some personal symbolism and story. The idea for this book came from a suggestion Enrique made to Robert while they were talking about his condition. Robert had mentioned that when he was riding his bike, his pain dissipated. Once the ride was over, it came back, and the results could not be duplicated on a stationary bike. Enrique suggested that maybe it wasn't the exercise, but the balancing.

As someone who constantly is constantly juggling work, art, home, friends, health, you name it, the idea of balance is frequently such an elusive one, and is even more complicated for those who suffer chronic pain and illness.

Interestingly enough, a gentleman came up to my table during the fair, who was coincidentally also named Robert. Without reading the colophon, he started asking me about the book, mostly regarding bike riding. As I started to explain, I came to the part where I was saying,"It's not the exercise..." in which Robert snapped his fingers and interjected before I could, "It's the balancing!"

He went on to explain that it's the same for his condition (Parkinson's), and that stationary bikes also don't have the same affect.

I'm not sure what to determine from this anecdata. The idea of balance as form of healing both literally and metaphorically is something to think about.

As for right now, I'm gearing up for the new few months. March is has some big events coming up - Book Bombs will be at the Center for Book Arts for our Keeping the Fire Alive workshop on March 4 - which, crazily enough, we proposed to do waaaay before the election. The Rhinoceros Project will be part of the 100 Days of Action and Print Public at the Kala Art Institute on March 11 from 12-4, and then traveling to the Sierra Nevada Steamroller Print Festival on April 22.

So...while all this is going on, keeping in balance is tricky, but I try.