Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Vast and trunkless legs of stone

Feeling reflective on this New Year's Day. Back in October, Robert and I went searching for the papermill ruins in Samuel P. Taylor State Park. (They are fairly easy to find).

The first papermill on the West Coast, their claim to fame is that they were the first to produce square bottomed paper bags, although I think that claim is shared by a few others.

The mill was a hugely successful operation, launched by a man who actually found gold during the California Gold Rush. At its peak, apparently around 100 families were employed.

It seems bleak to post this on a day focused on looking forward. A once productive operation, now reclaimed by trees and moss. I think some will look at this post and see it as a statement that death and decline are inevitable, but I see the inverse: growth and renewal are undeniable.

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