Monday, January 19, 2015

Artists' Advice, A Compilation

During 2014, I started an information gathering process to better my survival as an artist. I've been fortunate to receive a few grants over the past couple of years, but I've also gotten plenty of rejections, like everyone does. Since I'm also the breadwinner for my family, I started thinking about financial planning, networking, and how to move on to more comfortable living.

Most of this advice is US-based, if any international readers, or other readers, have suggestions, I welcome them!


Ask Polly: How Do I Make A Living As An Artist?

Molly Crabapple's 15 Rules for Creative Success in An Internet Age

Sustaining a Lifelong Creative Career

Work-Life Balance


Planned Parenthood - because sometimes you need to get your bits checked.

How to locate low-cost mental health care in the US and Canada - by the ever-wise Captain Awkward, because sometimes you need to talk to someone.

What is a health insurance subsidy and do I qualify?


How to Brazenly Ask for Favors to Boost Your Career - by Jen Dzuira

Bullish Life - also by Jen Dzuira. Not targeted towards artists, but a good deal of it can be applied to managing an artist's career.

Financial Planning:

A Beginner's Guide to Repaying Student Loans

Hourly Wage or Project Fee - from Freelancer's Union.

Artists U - free downloadable ebook about making your life as an artist by Andrew Simonet. Includes advice on developing a budget and financial goals.

Dealing with a Fluctuating Income - by Christina Empodocles

Sm*Artly - Christina Empodocles' blog on financial planning for artists.

WAGE Fee Calculator

Career Advice

Should I Work for Free?

Standard Deviation: Should I Work for Free? (PDF)

The Artists' Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement (PDF)

To Exhibit or Not To Exhibit: A Decision Table

Freelancer's Union

Tips and Tools for Artists: What are Award Panelists Looking for?

Kickstarter School

Kristina Wong: "What lengths of self-humiliation am I willing to go through to meet my Kickstarter goal?"

Advice from a Juror

Copyright for Collage Artists
- specific to collage, but also a great overview of copyright law and common myths.

Ask a Manager - again, not targeted toward artists, but a source of information that can be used.

Tales from the Public Domain - Free PDF on the public domain told in comic book form, from Duke University's Center for Study of the Public Domain.

Intellectual Property and the Arts - from the College Arts Association

Fair Use or Infringement? - from the Graphic Arts Guild

Arts and Labor

Grant Space

Grants and other funding for individual artists

As a final note, I thought I'd include links to three artists' projects who have made selling their work an integral part of their studio practice:

Imin Yeh - BenJams

Lisa Anne Auerbach - Days of the Week Clothing

Andrea Zittel

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