Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Collaboration is...

I've been working on an article for the upcoming issue of The California Printmaker. The issue has a focus on collaboration, and I'm writing about Book Bombs!

Collaboration is such an important part of my work. Not only have I collaborated with Mary, I also have collaborated several times with Marie Elcin, and am currently working on a collaborative project with Anne Beck. And I can't forget my recent collaboration with Robert! The image above is from one of Anne's and my tests. In fact, one of the first artist books I ever made, which convinced me what I really wanted to do was make books, was a collaboration between sixteen artists.

As I was writing about Book Bombs, I was trying to capture the essence of what a collaboration really is. It's more than just working with others to make art in some way. As I was brainstorming, I ended up with the following list, which I decided to share here.

Collaboration is working together
Collaboration is an environment for growth
Collaboration is a loss of ego
Collaboration is exciting
Collaboration is a form of evolution
Collaboration is learning to listen
Collaboration is embracing the process
Collaboration is opening up
Collaboration is new insights
Collaboration is unexpected turns
Collaboration is a form of giving
Collaboration is a form of receiving
Collaboration is a form of gratitude
Collaboration is an act of love

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Sherry Smith Bell said...

Collaboration is writing the words that move you.

I,too.am writing an article on collaboration for "The California Printmaker." My article is about publishing fine art print portfolios with other printmakers. In this latest portfolio,"Cross Currents,' four artists from my press, Blue Sky Press on the West coast and four printmakers from Milestone Graphics on the East coast contribute their artistic vision. "Cross Currents' the resulting portfolio, captures the artistic tides of influence moving among us.

The essence of a collaborative project is illusive but always evolving.

Collaboration is sharing your thoughts with others.
Collaboration is a surprise.
Collaboration is ideas.
Collaboration is a gift.

Sherry Smith Bell, Blue Sky Press