Friday, November 18, 2011

Wyoming Dispatch: Arrival

This week I arrived in Wyoming as an Artist-In-Residence at Jentel. The day before I landed, Wyoming had its first snowfall. Jentel is located just outside of Sheridan, near the Big Horn Mountains, which can be seen in the photo above. Below is the building that houses the artists' and writers' sleeping quarters. The studios buildings are behind it. 

The residence was designed by the founder of Jentel specifically for this program. Cathedral ceilings, artwork, and only one right angle in the entire building give it a open, but rambling feel. Below is our living room and dining area.

The stairs from the living room lead up to the media center and library. I really like the odd shapes of the wood on the staircase.

Below, the front entry to the residence:

Our magnificent kitchen. 

My bed! Very plush. 

And my studio - here you can see Blanche, my studio mate.

And here is one of the property supervisors, with the slightly obvious name of "Gray Kitty." She makes the rounds and keeps everyone in line.

I'll post more again soon, but the internet connection here is extremely slow, so uploading photos takes a while. Check back soon!


MarieE said...

what beautiful space to be in! I hope you brought warm clothes!

Bonnie MacAllister said...

So glad that it worked out! What a fuzzy new friend. So proud of you!