Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sculptural Papermaking Workshop Photos

Yesterday was the final workshop in the series I taught with Rhiannon Alpers - Sculptural Papermaking. The workshop focused on creating armatures from various types of wire, reeds, and thread, and covering them with overbeaten abaca. Above is a shot of reeds soaking in hot water.

The image below is kind of fuzzy, but it shows how, once soaked, these tough reeds can be shaped in to various perambulations.

Unlike our other workshops, this class enabled everyone to sit down, instead of the back-and-forth to the vats. We barely got any water on the floor, and I didn't slip once!

Some results from early experiments.

Rhiannon and I are going to be offering some of these classes again, along with a very basic, introductory paper class, later this fall and into the spring of 2013. This time, however, we will be working in conjunction with the San Francisco Center for the Book. I'll post more information when I get the final details.

Finally, I've got two more workshops coming up in October. First, on the 13, I'll be teaching an intensive Papermaking from Plants workshop through the Fibershed (follow the link to register). It will focus on harvesting and preparing local fibers, beater use, sheet formation, and how this can be adapted for classroom use. And later, on the Saturdays of October 27 and November 3, I'll be offering my Monoprinting and Pop Up Paper Engineering class through the Kala Art Institute (follow that link to register). Hope to see some of you there!

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