Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Watermarks in Corn Husk

Work continues on my Corporate Corn series since my last post on the topic. Above, a mould with the McDonald's logo. Below, its result, along with the Monsanto logo.

A detail of the Monsanto watermark while still wet:

A General Mills watermark, freshly pulled:

Some results fresh out the drying box:

I'm planning on a series of ten in all, all of corporations that drive our corn-based food system. I'm hoping that when seen as a group, with the knowledge that the fiber itself is corn (husk), the overwhelming basis for GMO corn in processed food systems will be apparent.


Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

Love it! That's great. I look forward to seeing the whole series.

Rocinante Press said...

Thanks Ellen!

Anonymous said...

how about a comment on corn based ethanol which is causing disaster similar to the dust bowl because of all the remaining grass lands being plowed up to produce more corn, subsidized with our tax dollars.

Rocinante Press said...

Anonymous - could you cite a source for me to use as a reference? I'd be interested, but I always try to make my work informed and backed up by facts.