Saturday, June 1, 2013

New collages

Infrasound I

It is turning into a spring of collage. For these pieces, I've abandoned any and all "rules," that I usually enforce in my studio practice, and have given myself free rein to just explore any half-formed idea that comes into my head.

Infrasound II

Although I have to say, using handmade paper in collage is pure bliss. Of course, using handmade paper for anything is a joy, but handmade paper really does behave better than commercial paper. Overall, it seems to respond to wet glue better, with less curling and warping, while also contributing its natural luminosity.

Infrasound III


Anonymous said...

I love these so much... Is it wet collage - or partial pulp painting and wet collage? Or is it traditional collage since you do mention glue? They are wonderful! Mimi

Rocinante Press said...

Hi Mimi!
These are all just traditional collages - I've just accumulated so many scraps of things from other projects, and I'm letting myself use them up in these pieces. Although I am currently finishing up an artist book that combines pulp painting, inclusions, and collage! I'll post pictures when its finished.
Thanks so much!