Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Art Fairs!

May blew through my life like a tornado, and I'm still trying to catch my breath. It started with the Parking Lot Art Fair, a rogue art happening outside of artMRKT. Artists were invited to set up in parking spaces on the chilly Saturday morning of the fair.

Thinking of literatura del cordel (clothesline literature), I decided to show my work as grabados del cordel (clothesline prints). I was feeling a little nervous when I first got there, so I kept looking at the prints above. It's always nice to have some family and friends with you when you're anxious.

At one point during the event I was talking to a couple of Frenchmen who were there for main fairs, and they said it seemed like the Parking Lot Fair was the black market to artMRKT. I kind of liked that.

So many other cool artists were participating. My neighbor during the event, Mike Rothfeld:

Curator Jenny Sharaf knows how to get around at an event like this:

NIAD Art Gallery in a pickup truck:

Mary Button Durell:

After the Parking Lot Fair closed down midday (and the sun finally came out - I should have worn more layers!), I walked over to the stARTup Fair with Tracey and Sharaine.

Since the event was at a hotel, I was intrigued to see how artists incorporated hotel furniture. I forgot to note who this was, but it was a lovely use of the bedroom space.

I really wanted to see Mary and Tony's room as Quite Contrary Press. They turned their beds into tables!

Tony's work:

Mary's work:

Mary had also turned their closet space into an installation - I really liked it, and hope she gets more chances to do stuff like this:

It was an art-filled but exhausting day.

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