Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chaos ensues

The final preparations for my show, "Now. Here. This." As Katie pointed out recently, during crunch time, it gets messy.

I've been carving this big board for the past two months or so.

It was too big for Rocinante, so I had to print it by hand with a spoon. I'm not sure how long that took, but I listened to 2-3 podcasts of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me while spooning.

The final print:

We hang the show on March 3, and it will be up till April 4. The UC Berkeley Art and Design Extension Gallery is located at 95 Third Street in San Francisco. There will be a reception on March 20, during the Third Thursday Yerba Buena Gallery Walk, from 6:30-8. The exhibition will also be open during the Southern Graphics International Conference (although the link lists it as part of the East Bay exhibitions, despite being in San Francisco.)


Aine Scannell said...

michelle - this print of yours looks really inspiring

are you planning to include it in a specific exhibition or what?
What paper are you printing it on. I always enjoy receiving your blog post updates thank you


Rocinante Press said...

Thanks Aine!

It's for my show coming up this month - I actually install tomorrow. It's a solo exhibition at a small gallery in San Francisco, part of the University of California, Berkeley, Art and Design Extension program. I will have pictures up soon!

As for the paper - I made it myself. The fiber is abaca, and it was poured in a modified Asian style.