Thursday, April 17, 2014

SGCI 2014 Photos

March was also so busy due to the Southern Graphics Council International Conference here in SF. I was on the Steering Committee, in charge of the Vendor Fair. We had 60 vendors, from the USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and France.

During the event, I met the gentleman who had been in charge of the fair for 25 years. When he started, the fair had six vendors.

Click on photos for a larger view.

Below, Conrad Machine company helps convert another printmaker:

Wee little barrens for sale at Graphic Chemical!

Maddy Rosenberg of CENTRAL BOOKING at the fair:

An intriguing vendor, Halfwood Press. Elegantly built, and you could plug in a USB into some models.

The second evening of the conference, the Friends of Dard Hunter had a meetup in the hotel bar. As the photographer, I'm not in this picture, but you can see Eli, Rhiannon, Rebecca, Jen, Peter, and Colin. Not pictured, but John and Anne were also in attendance.

I didn't get to attend as many panels as I would have liked, but I did see Paul Mullowney's talk about multi-panel prints assembled with wheat starch. Below is a slide from a 16th century diagram of how to assemble a map. Despite sounding completely esoteric, it was fascinating.

One of my favorite things about SGCI is always being introduced to printmakers whose work I'm unfamiliar with. Three artists received lifetime achievement awards, Don Farnsworth, Juan Fuentes, and Silvia Solochek Walters. I didn't know Juan or Silvia's work before, so glad I got a chance to see some of it in person.

Didn't manage to get a shot of Silvia receiving her award, but here are Juan, and below him, Don. A little blurry due to low light.

The whole conference ended with a dance party. Break dancing, conga lines, and even printmaking-based dance moves ("whipe the plate" etc.) made an appearance.

This was the first SGCI on the West Coast. The Bay Area held up as a great region for printmaking, naturally. And these pictures are only a fraction of everything and everyone I interacted with. Fingers crossed I can afford to go to Knoxville!

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