Saturday, April 26, 2014

Interviews in 2014

I was so overwhelmed looking at my SGCI photos that I forgot to mention that I met the lovely Melissa Potter during the conference. We had "met" prior to then over Facebook, and had been corresponding since, realizing that we had many of the same interests and values. During SGCI, she interviewed me for her project, Gender Assignment. You can watch the video here.

My latest work, some of which was also featuring in Now. Here. This. is also featured in this interview, (which is actually my third of this year)!

Frieze, the print above, was completed for my recent show. (click on the image for a larger size). Some shots of the making can be seen here and here.

Its come to me that the pieces like Frieze and the others I poured myself into for the show emptied me out of something, a sorrow, some unfinished mourning. A catharsis has taken place. I'm thinking about new things, or more accurately, old ideas in a new way. Maps and navigation are coming back, but more refined, more directed. Still in the beginning stages, but on a course towards something exciting.

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