Monday, April 22, 2013

Win Win at NIAD

The NIAD Art Center has a fundraiser coming up called Win Win! For this event, artists were given 6"x 6" canvases to create works of art that attendees will be able to select and take home. For my contribution, I dusted off the ole collage skills and made the following three pieces out of paint, handmade paper and leftover prints.

It was sort of funny to realize, since I'm not a painter and was just using leftover supplies from a LONG time ago, what I actually had left. For instance, no yellow. But I made it work.

The Win Win! preview takes place May 9-10, with a party on May 11 from 4-6 PM, at Cliff Bar and Company, 1451 66th Street in Emeryville, CA. For tickets, or to see some of the artwork in advance, visit here.

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